Private Pilot

Private Pilot Certificate

For those interested in an aviation career, or those who just want to learn how to fly, the Private Pilot course is the beginning.

The course includes both ground school and flight time. You will learn about the mechanics of flying, airport operations, federal regulations, and get all the instruction and knowledge required for you to obtain a private pilot license.


Instrument Rating

Once you have obtained your private pilot license, the Instrument Rating course will enable you to fly thought the clouds and in low visibility conditions.

Holding an instrument rating is mandatory for those pursuing an aviation career, and recommended for those who want to improve their flying skills and become better pilots.

Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot Certificate

The commercial pilot certificate enables you to work for compensation as a pilot. The training provides a comprehensive understanding of aircraft systems, while improving and perfecting your flying skills.


We also provide ground and flight training for the following endorsements and certificates:

  • High Performance Endorsement
  • Complex Aircraft Endorsement
  • Flight Review
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

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